How many and what type of material are the locking bolts made of?

Locking bolts provide security and have many variables associated with them. First, they should be made from a strong and durable materiel. Stainless steel is the preferred material primarily because it is much stronger than lower grade steels. Second, the location of the bolts is important. The randomly placed stainless steel locking bolts in Hall’s safes provide maximum security. We can provide additional bolts and/or thicker doors for the customer who wants increased security.

Classic Locking Bolt


1 1/2″  Top and Bottom Bolt Supporter

  • Rugged steel supporter from behind the top and bottom bolts support locking bolts to be even more tougher to pry.

Extra Long Top and Bottom Bolt

  • Extra long top and bottom bolts provide extra security from prying attacks.

Legendary Locking Bolt

Legendary Locking Bolt

Legendary Locking Bolt

1 1/8″ Top and Bottom Bolt Supporter

  • Stainless steel locking pins carefully fitted for interlocking precision fit. Not mild steel or chrome plated.