Safe Models:

At Hall’s Safe Company we take great pride in each and every safe we sell. We believe there are a few important features that set us apart from the other safe manufacturers.

American Made Safes – Quality Without Compromise

We build specialty safes to each customer’s individual wants and needs. The world’s finest gun safes are available in a variety of sizes including custom sizes and corner safes. We have a large variety of exterior colors options including customization on the exterior face of the door. We offer our customers the option to select from a vast array of interior carpet and/or wood stain finishes to design the safe they have dreamed of, not just a mass produced off the shelf safe.

  1. Thicker Steel Plate – Our Traditional and Legendary Stage I safes use 3/16″ steel plate box and 1/4″ steel plate door and doorjamb. Our Legendary Stage II safes use 1/4″ steel plate box and doorjamb, with a 3/8″ steel plate door. You will never see 12 or 10 gauge sheet metal in or on an American made Hall’s safe, it is an inferior thickness and defeats the purpose of a secure home safe. We don’t use 12 or 10 gauge sheet metal now, never have, and will not use it in the future! Our plate steel adds substantial weight to the safe, increasing the security of your belonging against a fire or burglary.
  2. Random Locking Pins – Our locking pins are 1-1/8 inch stainless steel, not chrome-plated mild steel and never in the same place. Making every safe we manufacture unique in design.
  3. Personalization – Every safe is individually built by master-craftsmen. There is no mass production at Hall’s Safe Company! No assembly line, just quality customization!! We work with each customer individually to ensure customer satisfaction. After talking with each customer to assess their needs in a safe, we assist them with configuring the interior design layout with file drawers, jewelry compartments, CD drawer, shelves, gun swingers and barrel rests to meet their personal
    This is "Burnie" he survived a fire reaching temperatures of 1800 degrees

    This is “Burnie” he survived a fire reaching temperatures of 1800 degrees

    specifications. The exterior comes in an array of color options, including custom pin striping, art and name on the door. Our custom safes are available with a dial, digital or biometric combination lock, with chrome or gold trim. Not only is this a secure safe, it is an heirloom everyone will admire and love for years.

  4. Fire Safety – Hall’s Safe Company has documented proof of our safe sustaining temperatures of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit outside, while maintaining an inside temperature of less than 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower the inside temperature the better protection for your valuables. All safes should provide a measure of fire safety, but some DO NOT.

American Safe Models

Traditional Model
Legendary Model Stage I and Stage II

Halls Imports

Our Classic safe embodies the craftsmanship and tradition of the Custom Hall’s safe but without all the bells and whistles. Durable and functional with 45 minute fire protection for all of your valuables. Each Classic safe has unique beveled edge body finished in a powder-coated finish. Classic safes are built with removable shelving to add additional long gun storage and include a door organizer for pistols. The C20 and C30 models come with a 3-spoke silver handle and the C40 and C42 models one with a 5-spoke handle in silver, both models can be upgraded to gold. All models meet the industry standards, including CA DOJ requirements.

Classic Safe Models